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This solution was developed as a business services company in the Meeting and Event sector. It is the first of its kind in the world to tackle the complex process of collecting and paying commissions for groups, meetings and events.

The process has been simplified to make your life easier and save valuable time and resources. All you have to do is to upload the contract to our portal and we do the rest. We will review and enter the contract terms into our proprietary system, verify the details when the meeting or group has been consumed, and then we collect and pay the commission.

Our system offers the unique advantage in that it can work equally well for the agency and meeting buyers, as well as for the hotels and suppliers as a commission clearing solution.

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Full Service Solutions

“We believe one party cannot benefit from a relationship unless all parties involved benefit as well.”

More Commission Collected

More Commission Collected (25%-40% more cash banked). Invoicing and chasing of every single room night, not just passively waiting to get paid. 

Get Paid Quicker

Get paid quicker – generally in half the time. Automation and established relationships expedite results. Leverage of our full portfolio of clients, including global TMCs and mega-agencies. Multiple payment channel solutions.

Reduce Costs

Save on wire transfers, check clearing, currency transactions. Consolidated payments avoid multiple fees for smaller amounts and transfers. Online solutions facilitate quick and cheaper collection. Increase earning power by collection of 35% plus commission revenue.

Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed drill-down reporting; individual properties, chains, corporate clients. Spend and commissions; earned, paid, pending. Online 24/7 access for search, reporting and downloading. Unique cutting edge online pivot table for reporting and analysis.

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