CTS: A Winning Game Plan

As I sit on my couch watching football listening to the announcers talking about the game, most of the commentary right now is about how the teams:

  • work out their game plan
  • monitor game execution
  • make half time adjustments
  • and hopefully win the game.

The football commentary really made me think about how football and business are in many ways a like.

CTS is one of the leading Commission Collection companies working with Travel Management companies to make the whole commission process painless, quick and simple. CTS is right now gaming planning for 2017. The question for us is how do we get create the awareness of all the new services we can now offer the industry? How do we get the word out?

Then the light bulb went on. Time to get involved in social media, push out the word of all that CTS can do for your company. Not only are we going to move into the realm of social media we are first launching a new website – ctssystems.com.

The website has been designed so that the lay person can understand how the play book for CTS works. With clear game plan charts, straight forward explanations and some great examples of what we can do you will quickly see that CTS and your company would make a real winning team.

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